Singer-songwriter and American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre's new CD 'Heartstrings' features 12 original tracks written by Scott, from upbeat piano-driven pop/rock to pure intimate acoustic ballads.  Scott's contagious spirit of optimism and heartfelt lyrics take the listener on an emotional journey of love and yearning, hardship and hope, from the perspective of someone who deeply understands the challenge of overcoming enormous adversity.

1.The Good, the Bad, the Ugly 2.Valentine 3.Heartstrings 4.Never Tired 5.Autumn Leaves 6.One Time Too Many 7.Stars 8.In Her Eyes 9.The Sun Still Shines 10.View from Above 11.I'll Take Tom (MySpace Breakup Song) 12.Wedding Song

Somewhere Else

21 year-old Marshall/Fulbright scholar, pianist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer Scott Douglas MacIntyre's latest album is rich with unforgettable melodies, meaningful lyrics, and phenomenal pianism and vocals.  Hailed by SkyNews internationally as a contemporary Billy Joel, his vibrant musical persona is more enthralling than ever in this original release.
12 tracks - 53 min.

1.Keep the Lines Open 2.Somewhere Else 3.Silver 4.How Long Will You Deny 5.Dream World 6.Hard to Be Away 7.Who Am I 8.Lost in a Meadow 9.Something to Say 10.My Kristen 11.Sweet Dreams 12.Silent

MacIntyre Family Singers

This diverse collection of Broadway show tunes, a'cappella jazz numbers, and classical arrangements features the vocal talents of the MacIntyre Family Singers.  Superbly recorded and produced, this CD has a place in any listener's musical library, classical or contemporary.  The music speaks of hope, offers encouragement, will make you smile and lift your heart.
14 tracks - 48 min.

1.A'cappella 2.The Prayer 3.I Love a Piano 4.Lay Down Your Arms 5.Rock My Soul 6.O Mio Babino Caro 7.Tonight at Eight 8.My Heart Will Go On 9.Agony 10.All Good Gifts 11.Cum Sancto Spiritu 12.With One Dream 13.You Raise Me Up 14.Lift Your Voice

My Guarantee

My Guarantee is a compelling collection of original Contemporary Christian songs written and performed by internationally acclaimed young pianist and composer Scott Douglas MacIntyre. This superbly recorded album passionately demonstrates Scott’s mastery of piano, voice, composition, and arrangement.
2003 - composed from age 14 to 16
11 tracks - 51 min.

1.So Much Stronger 2.I Can't Wait 3.Incredible Fear 4.Your Father Is Waiting 5.Comfort Me 6.Like a Bird 7.Out of the Rock 8.Rock the Town 9.Above the Clouds 10.Anything for You Girl 11.I'm Gonna Miss This Place

Grand Classics

There is nothing like the evocative and majestic sound of a grand piano.  This beautiful classical CD features internationally acclaimed young pianist and composer Scott Douglas MacIntyre performing a compelling collection of acoustic grand piano solos, including a special live performance of Beethoven's first concerto.  Listeners will enjoy every moment of this expressive and exhilarating release.
2000 - recorded at age 14
12 tracks - 48 min.

Brothers for all Seasons

Scott MacIntyre, young pianist, keyboardist and composer extrordinaire, invites you to enjoy his superbly recorded album of acoustic piano, original compositions and vocal medleys. Scott has successfully blended classical and modern genres for a melodic flow that engages the listener from the first song.

Featuring the award winning title track, ‘Brothers for all Seasons’ - "I dedicate this song to my brother Todd. We enjoy going through the seasons together as best friends. I am thankful for his help as a sighted guide."
1999 - recorded at age 12
14 tracks - 45 min.
SEEING through SOUND at eleven

Scott MacIntyre’s creative talent as an eleven year old pianist, keyboardist and composer is brought to life in his album SEEING through SOUND. This musical compilation of acoustic, original pop, jazz, classical and MIDI orchestrations will enable you to see into Scott’s incredible world of sound.
27 tracks - 45 min.


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